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Drying Oven

The Environ Drying Oven has been developed as a robust, flexible and multifunctional machine capable of drying a wide range of materials.
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The Environ Drying Oven has been developed as a robust, flexible and multifunctional machine capable of drying a wide range of materials whilst providing the flexibility to increase material throughput by modular expansion of dryer capacity.

Environ uses a range of construction materials tailored to the individual application.

Metering drum

Provides a consistent material feed rate into the drying oven 
Provides constant flow and prevents surges of material
Layer limiter (adjustable moving plate)
Achieve equal bed depth of material 
Sets material bed depth to achieve an evenly dried product

Modular system

Avoid the use of additional floor space.
Sectional modular vertical design allowing for space optimisation and increase dryer capacity by adding further sectional modules. 
Air vented moving floor In addition to air vented moving floor our unique design bakes the drying product. 
Uniform drying of product, optimise the use of heat and airflow.

Multi-stage drying oven

Expands drying surface area and mixes material as transferred from one stage to the next Improves homogeneity of fuel by mixing at each stage transfer.

Hot air inlets at each stage
Allows heat input at each stage 
Enables temperature to be controlled at each stage 

Uses & Applications

  • Grain & seeds Corn Manure Non-woody biomass
  • Wood chip Forestry residues Arboricultural arisings Compost oversize Sawmill off-cuts
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas

Engineered for a cleaner tomorrow

Multi -functional drying oven

The drying oven can be modified for different material throughput. No need for separate drying areas. 
Electrical Control Unit Set multiple parameters to control drying operation 
Enables different parameters to be established to dry different materials

The Environ drying oven represents a modular system: 

  • Product feed hopper configuration 
  • Multiple options for feed systems 
  • Multiple options to heat source 
  • Heating distribution pipework 
  • Heat source and power generation – biomass CHP system 
  • Heat exchangers – water to air & air to air 
  • Hot air ducting 
  • Exhaust gas filtration / cleaning and odour treatment systems
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