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ORC Heat Recovery

Environ package and install General Electric & Triogen ORC heat recovery systems.
Stop wasting heat and convert to Carbon Neutral Electricity and Heat!
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Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) recovery experts

As a distributor and installer for both of these systems and our many years of expertise in ORC integration with a range of heat sources, we are well placed to offer a turnkey and viable solution recovering heat, otherwise rejected, to produce electricity for sale to the National Grid or to offset site loads and where applicable, used for downstream process heating.

The Triogen ORC System

There are two models available. The Triogen WB-1 Vario and the Triogen E-Box, both designed for Biomass CHP applications and exhaust flue gas heat recovery applications.

The Triogen WB-1 is currently being phased out to be replaced by the more versatile and more capable E-box.

For Biomass CHP applications

Using the E-box the total input heat requirement is 900kWt at 530⁰c. This is ducted via a cyclone filter to the ORC heat exchanger converting this heat to 130kW of electrical power for export (net). The surplus heat from the Triogen system produces 700kW/th hot water at 80°c for process heating. Flue gas exit temperature is maintained at 180⁰c to prevent a smoke plume and prevent condensate formation as well as meeting emissions requirements.

For other heat sources

Such as engine exhausts, industrial heat applications, and flare gas the E-box has a variable heat input requirement from 450kWt to 1100kWt with temperatures from 350⁰c to 530⁰c, and electrical output from 60kWe to 165kWe. The heat available (hot water) is from 350kWt to 700kWt.

The GE System

The GE Clean Cycle II ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) machine produces 125kWe (Gross) of electrical power from 1MW of heat at 150°c. This packaged unit may also be used in modular form according to the client's requirements and application. The GE ORC units have in excess of 400,000 operating hours globally and are well proven.

Uses & Benefits

  • Clean energy – reduction of existing CO2 emissions
  • Zero emissions from ORC, no extra fuel required
  • Auto synchronise with grid for simple exporting of power
  • Modular and easy to integrate into existing systems
  • High reliability, few moving parts and low maintenance

Engineered for a cleaner tomorrow

How does ORC work?

Process: The working fluid in the ORC is pumped to an evaporator where it absorbs heat from the heat source. This then changes the working fluid into a high-pressure gas vapour. This gas is then expanded through a small turbine coupled to a high speed (no gearbox) electrical generator in the Integrated Power Module to produce electrical power. The gas is then turned back into a liquid as it passes through the condenser and the cycle then repeats itself.

Heat Source: This is often in the form of hot air or hot gas which is ducted to the evaporator of the ORC as described. This can be via a heat exchanger depending on the specific installation.

Packaging: The GE machines are packaged in a 6 metre (20’) container that contains all the equipment necessary apart from the condensing radiator that is remotely mounted. This can be seen in the photos where it is roof-mounted on the ORC container. The Triogen systems come in their own bespoke cabinet as seen in the photographs.


The following are markets that we work in with ORC installations;
  • Biomass Burner – hot gas 530°C – 1000°C
  • Biomass Steam – 1.5 – 10t/hr flow
  • Biomass Hot Water – 80°C – 150°C
  • Biomass Gasification – hot gas 530°C – 1000°C
  • Anaerobic Digesters – engine exhaust 450°C – 550°C and jacket water 90°C
  • Landfill sites – engine exhaust 450°C – 550°C and jacket water 90°C
  • Heavy manufacturing – Cement, Glass Chemicals, Metals flue gasses 300°C – 1200°C
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